2016 Vacation Bible School


Our Vacation Bible School for 2016 was Pets Unleashed!

It was held on Friday, July 15, and Saturday, July 16, with the kids invited to participate in worship on Sunday, July 17. In this weekend VBS, the kids learned that JESUS CARES FOR US (Thank him!) and they made some crafts to support the Panhandle Humane Society (dog toys and cat scratchers).

dog toys - vsb 2016                     IMG_1179

We spent the weekend learning about Jesus’ love for us, having fun, and singing some great songs! We hope to expand our Vacation Bible School to a 3-Day long event next Summer, but will keep a similar weekend format. Everyone (leaders included) had an amazing time!

VBS 2016

If you want to view the video of some of the VBS kids singing the songs they learned in church, you can view the service HERE (the VBS presentation begins at 15:20).