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Sunday School

Our Sunday School is off to a great start, and we’d like to invite you to join us! Every Sunday at 11:15 a.m. (following our morning worship service), we have Sunday School for kids ages 3 through 12th grade (as well as an adult class). All the kids gather together as a large group to sing some songs and to pray together, and then we divide up into our classes.

The lessons we teach come right from stories in the Bible. In the past, kids have learned about Jesus teaching in the synagogue, Jesus calling his disciples to fish for people, some amazing stories from the Old Testament, and lots more.

We made scrolls to go along with our lesson on the baptism of Jesus.


Look, they even roll up!


We also made birdseed feeders to bring to all of our elderly members who are home-bound or living in nursing facilities. That was a lot of fun!


The people really enjoyed receiving these bird feeders!


We have a lot of fun learning the stories of our faith.