About Our Pastors


When Jeff and April met, they had no idea that God was about to call them to something that neither knew existed. Jeff knew that God was calling him to ministry, and April had felt a call to ministry, too, though she had never considered becoming a pastor. Through discernment and prayer, both Jeff and April enrolled in the Master of Divinity program at Western Theological Seminary in Holland, MI. And, as it worked out, they discovered eleven other couples who were following God’s call into ministry.

Through important relationships with ministers in the community and faculty at the seminary, Jeff and April discovered co-ministry, a concept that neither had heard of before even though both knew immediately it was what they were supposed to do. In 2007, Jeff and April headed to central Iowa and served as co-pastors at the Dumont Reformed Church for eight years. The people were gracious and flexible as Jeff and April learned what it meant to do ministry together as pastors and parents.

In 2015, Jeff and April felt God’s call to the First Presbyterian Church of Scottsbluff, Nebraska, and moved west with two kids in tow. Ministry in Scottsbluff has been tremendously rewarding, and new things are happening in this place. Jeff and April share the preaching, and are both available for pastoral visits. You are always welcome to drop in during office hours, or send the pastors an email through our contact form.

Jeff and April are both musicians, enjoy running occasionally, and are raising two spectacular children. Jeff has an impressive SPAM collection, likes writing fantasy fiction, and somewhat obsessively reads news about the Chicago Cubs (even in the off-season). April crochets too much, enjoys baking bread and trying new recipes, and blogs at At the Table with April Fiet. April also published a book in December of 2021 called The Sacred Pulse, about returning to the life-giving rhythms that God created for us.